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InTown Scarsdale Magazine, 2005

Juliet was featured in the 2005 issue of InTown Scarsdale (House Calls by Jeanne Muchnick, p.64-68) With a description of her in-home makeup services, and a sidebar (see below) of a home visit by the author and her daughter.

Sidebar Story

Make Me Over / InTown Tested

I met makeup artist Juliet Stewart on a day when I worked all morning: My eyes were puffy, I was exhausted, and though I had done my own makeup—and thought I looked good—I was soon proved wrong. She pooh-poohed my navy Bobbi Brown eyeliner (that a woman at a Bobbi Brown counter had sworn looked great on me) and instead used chocolate eyeliner, as well as a wine mascara. Within minutes she made my hazel eyes look greener, and used concealer (which I never touch) under my bags, making my eyes really pop.

Corey, 12 years old,  consutling with JulietMy 12-year-old, Corey, was equally transformed, but in a much subtler way. No crazy '80s blue-eye-shadow look; instead Juliet highlighted her natural beauty with a light pink lip-gloss and blush. More importantly, she taught Corey how to pay attention to her skin (crucial for a girl her age). It was a makeup lesson we both needed. Juliet was candidly straightforward. When I pointed to one lipstick (the one she was wearing), she told me no, and explained why it didn't work with my light coloring.

The ladies in my office (a critical audience) actually noticed my new soft look when I came to work the next day. So, I'm a convert. And the fact that I didn't have to leave my house, made it that much sweeter.

Reproduced with permission of The Journal News Custom Publishing.©2005

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