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Juliet Stewart Plush Lip Enhancer

Juliet Stewart PLUSH
Lip Renewal & Enhancer / $28.50

Juliet Stewart's PLUSH Lip Enhancer has been clinically proven to give you long lasting results. Studies show if applied twice a day, PLUSH can visible enhance your lip’s volume by up to 40%. Juliet Stewart’s PLUSH formula contains an active blend of natural amino acids or Tri-peptide, along with Palmitoyl complex, and cinnamon oil – active plumping ingredient. The combination of these ingredients penetrates the dermal matrix to stimulate the production of collagen and promote the creation of hyaluronic acid, a natural component that is known to cushion and lubricate.

PLUSH contains three anti-aging, anti-stress elements that add moisture and wrinkle protection to your lips without drying. These same ingredients restore the 3D construction of your skin. The result: PLUSH minimizes the creases and folds of the upper lip by 30% and lower lip by 10%. All subjects noticed improved lip texture and condition.

NOTE: For best results exfoliate with our gentle Lip and Face Microdermabrasion.

PLUSH was selected as an Editor's Choice in the
February 2008 issue of Town & Country Magazine.

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