Juliet Dorothea Erichsen Portrait

About Juliet

“The wisdom I gained from women of all walks of life is a priceless gift to me today… it has allowed me to do business not only intelligently but compassionately as well.”

“I entered Juliet’s elegant boutique with curiosity and left with more knowledge on skincare, make-up and overall wellness than I thought possible from one place and one women. As an artist, she expertly helped me create a natural “look” I’ve been trying for years to achieve. As a caring (but very smart) business woman, she delivered her services in the most customer-focused manner I have ever experienced.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

— Salina Le Bris

Juliet brings to her work an Italian sensibility. She is a native of Italy who came to the United States as a young woman. Her creations for each individual woman are timeless and unforgettable.

With over twenty years in the industry, Juliet has practiced make-up artistry at its highest levels. Juliet's experience includes a position with Lancôme Cosmetics responsible for sales, training and events in twenty-six department stores. As the National Make-up Artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Co.), Juliet worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia during a ten year period; four years as the National Make-up Artist exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue. Although she resigned in 1999, from Prescriptives Cosmetics, Juliet was asked by the president to return. She became the Senior Make-up Artist with her own private make-up studio in the New York office. Her task was to create a high profile clientele. While in this position, Juliet had the opportunity to train Tommy Hilfiger's executives in make-up artistry for their new cosmetics line. Juliet was so effective and respected that she was featured by Prescriptives in a national TV commercial.

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In addition to managing her retail and make-up studio in Nyack, New York, Juliet is an advocate for the idea that women need to accept themselves and to be proactive with their health to benefit and improve not only the way they look, but more importantly, how they feel.

Both the “beauty industry” and the “health industry” frequently misrepresent information critical to women’s well-being in order to meet their primary goal: selling products through the media.  Trends are not for everyone.

Here is part of the message. Women need to stop buying products in an endless attempt to stop the clock. It is wrong that women feel they become invisible to the world just because they have reached a certain age that they think is “old.” A woman of any age is beautiful because of who she becomes with time - Women must embrace time to own their individuality. What makes women of all ages beautiful and sexy is their self-assurance. The place to start is in the mind.

Juliet is dedicated to educating women by using her expertise in skincare, make-up artistry and health-care alternatives. In her studio consultations, Juliet creates for each woman personal advice and insights that inspire… and work.

Moving forward, we will contine to develop this website as a forum for news, resources and ideas about issues that are important to women today.

A Message From Juliet Stewart


Photo by Dorothea Erichsen
Hair by Pamaya Red Salon