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Juliet is featured in the arabic cosmetics magazine Tajmeeli

Mejeeli Cosmetics Magazine, Fall 2021,
In Tajmeeli, Fall 2021

Top 7 floral perfumes for ladies.
  [Translated from Arabic.]


JULIET Parfum - from the brand JULIET STEWART- is formulated from a blend of the best classic Italian ingredients, providing an ultra-distinctive and feminine fragrance at the same time, due to the elements contained in the composition of this perfume, topped with lemon, basil, bergamot and orange from Sicilia, in addition to An extract of Mediterranean herbs and Italian jasmine with a hint of vanilla, amber and woody extracts.

Created by the best and most skilled perfumers in Italy, the composition of JULIET Parfum is characterized by a base of warm scents with touches of fresh perfume, contributing to enhance the feeling of the true essence of feminine beauty.

  1. One or two pumps of perfume is sufficient for each use.
  2. Spray directly onto the skin before leaving.
  3. Preferably on the wrist or the sides of the neck (pulse points).

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Introducing Juliet Stewart's Juliet Eau De Parfum

JULIET Plush Pink Allure Blog review. By Plush Pink Allure Blog, June 5, 2013

“I found it smelled better on my skin than in the bottle.  I could detect the jasmine and vanilla notes- two of my favorites- and loved how it set.  It wasn't overpowering and made me feel very feminine.  Usually when I hear musk I tend to shy away, for fear of it smelling too masculine.  But Juliet embodies a woman's true beauty and makes you feel your worth.  Its notes combine to give the perfect balance of strength and femininity with lasting wearbility and brave originality.”  
— Plush Pink Allure

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Juliet Featured in NEW York Magazine
Indie Beauty Experts on Twelve Brands to Know Next

Perfume Magazine Review By Christina Han, NY Magazine [],
January 25, 2013

The biannual Elements Showcase, a well-curated beauty festival of sorts, is back in town for two days starting next Monday. What started out two years ago as a mini-trade show for indie fragrance brands has since grown to include niche cosmetic and skincare brands. Two of the three founders, Frederick Bouchardy and Ulrich Lang, have sifted through the hundreds of goodies that'll be showing next week and have selected twelve of their most favorite products that are debuting this spring.

Elements Showcase - Juliet Stewart Juliet Eau de Parfum. “Juliet Stewart is launching her newest fragrance, fittingly called JULIET, with Italian fruits and herbs. This smells like vacation.”
— Frederick Bouchardy

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Juliet featured in Germany’s Inside Beauty

Inside Beauty Magazine,
Germany, Oct/Nov 2013

Germany's prestigious INSIDE BEAUTY Magazine featured Juliet Parfum in a recent article, “Exquisite Brands From Around The World” — What makes an exquisite brand.

Article written by Dr. Bodo Kubartz.

Parfum Extract 1. 7 oz. $200
Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz. $165

PASSPORT, The GUIDE TO Luxury TRavel & Living, Juliet

Passport Magazine, Fall 2013, His & Hers, Beauty & Health

In Passport Magazine, Fall 2013

Juliet Eau De Parfum is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. "Juliet" is a celebration of both beauty and wellness combined with luxurious notes. After much international attention, Juliet Stewart has linked "Juliet" to the Ashikari Breast Center in NY; a compassionate, cutting edge center for women in the hope of creating awareness for women that they DO have options when faced with breast cancer.”

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Introducing Juliet Stewart's Juliet Eau De Parfum

JULIET Plush Pink Allure Blog review. By Plush Pink Allure Blog, June 5, 2013

“I found it smelled better on my skin than in the bottle.  I could detect the jasmine and vanilla notes- two of my favorites- and loved how it set.  It wasn't overpowering and made me feel very feminine.  Usually when I hear musk I tend to shy away, for fear of it smelling too masculine.  But Juliet embodies a woman's true beauty and makes you feel your worth.  Its notes combine to give the perfect balance of strength and femininity with lasting wearbility and brave originality.”  
— Plush Pink Allure

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Juliet Stewart and JULIET perfume: Meaningful Beauty

Perfume Magazine ReviewJohn Biebel, News, Febuary 3, 2013

Juliet Stewart  is a perfume and make-up artist who embodies a rare characteristic: Patience. As one might guess, keeping a dream alive for years and years requires thought—it requires an impressive amount of dedication to an idea, and an almost sacred amount of patience..

“Juliet is the owner of a beauty center in Nyack, New York , where she offers advice to women on anything from makeup to overall health through positive self-image. She has very specific ideas about women, beauty and wellness. To her, they are all connected. And yet around us, we see evidence of the disconnection between what women actually look like, and what they’re encouraged to be. "Women walk into a store, and they see a product along with an idealized photograph," she explains. "The woman in the store can never look like the woman in the photograph, and so she’s always made to feel inadequate." Ms. Stewart believes that this illustrates the problem of real beauty versus fictionalized beauty, and she felt the need to change this. Thus was born Juliet, and the perfume’s slogan: “Be unforgettable: Own your beauty.”

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New Niche Fragrance Review:
JULIET Eau de Parfum & Extrait- The Two Faces of Juliet

Perfume Magazine ReviewMark Behnke, Managing Editor, February 2, 2013

I met Juliet Stewart at the recent Elements Showcase where she was presenting her fragrance. I told her how much I had enjoyed the Eau de Parfum (EDP) she released in 2010 and asked if she was planning on releasing anything new. She indicated a black box with silver lettering that I was about to say “The EDP, yes I’ve tried that.” But before the words left my mouth she silenced my response by showing me the Extrait version of Juliet. Now as long time readers know I really like comparing the Extrait version and the original version of a perfume. The similarity, but mostly the contrasts, are what intrigue me. When a more concentrated version is created well it usually becomes closer and the notes behind it more subdued and complex. The perfumer Ms. Stewart works with on her fragrances Lorenzo Dante Ferro also enjoyed taking what was a modern floriental EDP which was more floral than oriental and switching it up for the Extrait making it more oriental than floral.”

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JULIET to Be Exhibited At Elements Showcase In New York January 28-29

Perfume Magazine ReviewThe Perfume Magazine,
December 31, 2012

NEW YORK, Dec. 23 –– Juliet Stewart, the New York-based inspirational wellness expert and international makeup artist dedicated to teaching women about the power of their inner beauty, has launched her latest fragrance, JULIET Parfum, available beginning January 2013, and will be exhibited at the Elements Showcase at 500 West 36th Street in New York on Monday, January 28 and Tuesday, January 29.

Suggestive of the essence of extraordinary femininity, JULIET is an unforgettable fragrance that is sensual, intriguing and uplifting. JULIET evokes the effervescent enchantment of the woman who is confident...of the woman who owns her beauty.

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Beauty Beyond Botox - Rivertown, March 2012

Beyond Botox Article Thumbnail

Juliet Stewart uncovers
Beauty Beyond Botox

Catherine Suchowij
Rivertown Magazine
March 2012

“Nyack business owner, Juliet Stewart, has operated her studio for nine years; helping women of all walks of life develop their own personal expressions of beauty. Juliet is 50 this month, although she does not look it, and she is a purist when it comes to beauty regimens. Her quotable motto is: "No Botox, no fillers, no Photoshop ... just exceptional skincare and smart nutrition."

“True to her word, Juliet has not undergone any procedures to maintain her look - and she encourages women to avoid them, steering them away from products with harmful ingredients whose side effects and long term usage can lead to health complications.
For this important reason, she is introducing two new technologies to her studio this month.

With "No Thanks to the Banks", Juliet has formed a partnership with a UK company to introduce a new technology, ThermaCellRF , that delivers extraordinary results to the face and body that is superior to conventional treatments, including invasive cosmetic surgery or Botox treatments.

“ThermaCellRF is a non-invasive technology which results in facial and body sculpting from skin tightening and fat reduction. ThermaCellRF is very effective on stretch marks...”

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Juliet: Perfume for a Cause?

Raphaella Barkley, Melissa Groben
The Perfume Magazine
September 10, 2011

“There is this most clean and pleasurable surprise when you first nuzzle up to its opening accord of the finest, most classic Italian notes of Lemons from Amalfi, Basil, Bergamot and Sicilian Orange coupled with nuances of fresh Mediterranean Herbs that are rendered ultra-feminine with Italian Jasmine and Vanilla from Madagascar on a warm background of Amber Precious Woods from the Orient that makes you feel truly beautiful. This perfume contains no synthetic oils or artificial coloring.

“Juliet.” is inspirational, open, feminine, womanly, elegant, beautiful... and unforgettable...

“... “Juliet.” is a celebration of both beauty and wellness combined with luxurious notes. After “Juliet” getting much international attention, I wanted to utilize the attention towards a good cause, so I linked “Juliet” to the Ashikari Breast Center in NY; a compassionate, cutting edge Center for women. I am hoping to create awareness for women that they DO have options when faced with breast cancer. — Today, the drastic and traditional way of treating breast cancer is NOT the only option...”

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Where For Art Thou Juliet?

DivaDebbi Beauty Blog
March 7, 2011

“I had the great pleasure of meeting Juliet Stewart this year, as a fellow committee member working on the 2nd Making Dreams a Reality Fundraiser, to benefit the Ashikari Breast Center. I am greatly honored to be both the Chairperson and Honoree for this event, on April 7th, at Tappan Hill in Tarrytown N.Y. Juliet has been a dedicated, creative, and tireless supporter. She has a quiet, elegant manner, in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way, but make no mistake...she is a powerhouse of quiet femininity. As the owner of the Juliet Stewart Makeup Boutique and Studio in Nyack, New York and creator of her own unique perfume, Juliet, we both share a love for the beauty industry and for helping women look and feel their very best.

“Juliet and I also have a shared passion for supporting the Ashikari Breast Center. I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor and the brilliant, compassionate care I have received is a testimonial to the skills of Dr. Roy Ashikari and his son Dr. Andrew Ashikari, my surgical oncologists...”

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Bold & Beautiful in Rockland Magazine

Bold & Beautiful in Rockland Magazine - Nov/Dec 2010

Story by Heather Salerno
Rockland Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010

“A year ago. Joan Mourikis was a self-proclaimed product junkie. The 42 year-old Valley Cottage resident had a serious addiction, proven by the two huge bags she kept constantly stocked with cosmetics. She'd buy the latest lip gloss at Barney's or the hottest blush al Sephora. She'd Jump from one high-end mascara to another, scooping up whalever claimed to deliver the longest. thickest lashes. She was also completely hooked on bronzer.

“Then she met makeup Artist Julliet Stewart. And after a consultation at Stewart's boutique on Nyack's South Broadway, Mourikis was a changed woman....”

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Sniffapalooza Follows Ashakari Breast Center Effort

Sniffaplooza Screen Shot

Original Story by
Beth Schreibman Gehring

Sniffapalooza Has picked up Beth Gehring’s story on our efforts to promote and assist the Ashikari Breast Center.

“Why I Have Dedicated A Page
On Our Website

“After my unforgettable experience with them, I looked for more information about the Ashikaris and what I learned about them is truly extraordinary. I feel that all women need to know that this Center exists and they need to know that they do have choices for their care as cancer patients, other than the traditional and frequently drastic ways of treating this illness.

“If you are experiencing cancer, whether you are already seeing a doctor or not, I urge you to investigate the Ashikari Breast Center, and if you know someone that is at risk of cancer, you will be doing a very kind act to that person by telling them about the Ashikari Breast Center...” — Juliet

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Juliet Perfume aligns with the Ashakari Breast Center

Cleveland Fragrance Examiner

Commentary By Beth Schreibman Gehring

“I received a call the other day from my dear friend Juliet Stewart, the creator of the incomparably beautiful Juliet perfume. She was incredibly excited about a new clinic that she'd been to that was incredibly compassionate and holistic, yet possessed the most cutting edge diagnostic tools and treatment for breast cancer that she'd ever seen. In typical Juliet Stewart fashion she's become involved and is giving 10 percent of the proceeds from her lovely perfume Juliet to help with fundraising so that any and all women can have access to this groundbreaking and powerfully sympathetic technology. Below are her own words! Read them and be amazed and please share them with anyone who you think would benefit for exploring this new technology!”

Read at Cleveland Fragrance Examiner
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Sensual Scent, Juliet by Juliet Stewart

Juliet Parfum on YouTube

Juliet Fragrance Review

Review of Juliet at Cleveland Examiner
Perfume Smellin' Things Blog.

Cleveland Examiner &

Review By Beth Schreibman Gehring

“There is only one Juliet Stewart and I have to say that I’ve never met another woman like her. I was recently introduced to her through the ambience of her luscious perfume Juliet. I could go into great detail about the beautiful composition of the fragrance but somehow I feel that I couldn’t do it justice. It’s an incredible floral , laced with jasmine, amber , precious herbs and so much more. What I will say is that “Juliet”, is simply beautiful and one of the loveliest perfumes that I’ve had the pleasure to wear in a long time. It’s as lush as fingers dipped in melted chocolate or honey infused cream. My husband adores it and says that he finds it erotic yet ladylike. I would have to agree with him, because “Juliet” is as at home with my pearls as it is with my nakedness. It’s the perfume equivalent of gorgeous garters worn under a business suit and it makes me smile every time I notice....”

Read at Cleveland Examiner
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Read at Perfume Smellin' Things Blog
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MORE Magazine

More Magazine November 22009, Beauty News features Juliet Prefume.

MORE Beauty News,
November 2009

Juliet Perfume was featured in the November 2009 Issue of More Magazine.

Looking for a scent that's sophisticated, memorable – and unlikely to be worn by anyone you know? Check out these choices of beauty Insiders.”

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JULIET by Juliet Stewart

Sniffapallooza Review Screen shot

New Fragrance Review By Victoria Austin

“There’s a new girl in town. And she’s beautiful — an unforgettable beauty. And you will want to meet her... for many extraordinary reasons.

Juliet Eau De Parfum is the stunning creation of Juliet Stewart, a classic Italian beauty and seasoned artist in the beauty industry. After several successful years of being a premiere artist with Saks and Prescriptives, Ms. Stewart opened Juliet Stewart Makeup Boutique and Studio in Nyack, New York.

“Be Unforgettable” and “Own Your Beauty,” is the philosophy from which Ms. Stewart operates. Her new fragrance was created to remind us of our own unique beauty and allow it to help open us up to all the power and possibilities within that beauty. Her words inspire, and her fragrance more than lives up to the inspiration.” ... [ Read More... ]

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Exclusive Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview

Sniffapalloza Logo

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Juliet Stewart; a friend as well as a beautiful and successful woman who is in charge of her life. In getting to know Juliet, I have found her to be a woman that is very true to herself, a feat that is not always possible these days and her journey was long. Not only is she a consummate professional, she is kind, caring and has a great sense of humor. Creating Juliet was a very personal experience for her and she truly believes in women and what they go through as "real women in life”. — Raphaella Barkley [ Read More... ]

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The Scent of a Woman The Essence of a Lady

Sniffapallooza Review Screen shot

JULIET by Juliet Stewart

Sniffapallooza Magazine New Fragrance Review

[Excerpt] “...Isabella Rossellini is so calmly, quietly luminous in the film, she delivers true believability to the story and, at the same time, manages to steal every scene she’s in without even trying.

“About a month ago, someone sent me a fragrance sample that perfectly recalled this vision of Isabella Rossellini that I became fixated with so long ago. Whether coincidental or not, the name of the fragrance is congruous with the image it evokes for me of a singular elegant woman.

“Quite simply, it is named Juliet, and its creator, make-up artist Juliet Stewart, shares at least a couple things in common with Rossellini‚Äîboth being Italian-born beauties who had careers with Lancôme Cosmetics at one time. Stewart worked for more than twenty years in the upper echelons of the cosmetics industry.” — Review by Suzanne Keller [ Read More... ]

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Harpers Bazaar Dubai

Juliet was featured in the Dubai editon of Harper's Bazaar, July/August 2009, discussing the importance and interaction of skin care and makeup.

[excerpt] “After years wowing the industry as one of the US’s biggest make-up artists, working for Saks Fifth Avenue and Prescriptives in New York, Juliet Stewart decided to add skincare to her area of expertise... ‘It’s like building a house — if the foundation is not laid properly, nothing will ever be right, no matter how much money one spends to make it right,’...” More...

Harpers Bazarr Cover, July August 2009Harpers Bazaar Jul/Aug 2009 Beauty Page
Harpers Bazzar Dubai, The Star's Favorite Facialists, July/August 2009, by Kate Hazell.

Click to see Large Image and PDF

Beauty Fashion

JULIET's Launch at New York City's Spafumerie was featured in SNIFFAPALOOZAS in the JULY 2008 issue of Beauty Fashion Magazine. More...

Beauty Fashion, July 2009Beauty Fashion, Sniffapaloozas at Juliet Launch
Beauty Fashion, July 2008, The Beauty Biz, SNIFFAPALOOZAS.Pg 45-46

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Rockland Magazine

Crystal Peel™ and MEG-21 were selected as an Expert Pick in the Summer 2009 issue of Rockland Magazine.

[excerpt] "Stewart recommends investing in a gentle exfoliator, to remove dead skin cells, and an effective moisturizer, to hydrate. Use products that contain appropriate ingredients for your skin’s condition and age, she adds. The payoff for your efforts: If you take good care of your skin, you’ll need less makeup to achieve the look you desire..."

Rockland Magazine Cover, Summer 2009Rockland Magazine, Sum.2009, Expert Picks, 'Forever Young'.
Rockland Magazine, Expert Picks, by Jeanne Muchnick. Photography by Mark Vergari/TJN.

Purchase Meg 21 or Crystal Peel online | Click to see Large Image

Journal News

Journal News 6/22/09 - Click to Read more

Juliet and MEG-21 were featured in the June 22, 2009 Edition of The Journal News, Life & Style Section.


“Expert Juliet Stewart shares tips for putting your best face forward.

“To achieve a flawless face, focus less on your makeup and more on your skin.

“That’s the mantra of Italian makeup artist Juliet Stewart, the owner of Juliet Stewart Makeup Boutique & Studio in Nyack. We sat down with Stewart recently to talk about skin care, as part of our ongoing “experts” series... ”


Town & Country

PLUSH was selected as an Editor's Choice in the February 2008 issue of Town & Country Magazine.

[excerpt] “A dramatic kiss can be accomplished only with the softest, most luscious lips. ... For fullness apply JULIET STEWART Plush Lip Enhancer ($28.50) before using one of these new spring shades...”

Town & Country Cover, February 2008own And Country "Pucker Up" Health and Beauty page with PLUSH highlighted
Town & Country February 2008, Beauty & Health,Edited by Janet Carlson. Photography by Sang An.

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Delilah Rose

Juliet on the Set, Click for Delilah Rose GalleryImages from the Set of Delila Rose. Click for Delilah Rose Gallery

Juliet on location on the set of the independent Motion Picture Delilah Rose while serving as Make-up Artist for the production.

View More Scenes from the Set of Delilah Rose. (Gallery available soon)
Visit the Delilah Rose web site

Photos courtesy, Rubber Dagger Films


Juliet Stewart in Print. - Selected appearances

Cover: Bridal Book Spring/Summer 2001Cover: InTown Scarsdale 2005
The Bridal Book Spring/Summer 2001 | InTown Scarsdale 2005

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