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BreastLight, for Early Detection

Breastlight is a new breast health product for women now available worldwide. It’s been designed for use as part of your regular breast awareness routine but gives you a new view of your breasts.

Breastlight works by shining a bright red light through your breast tissue. The light, which is perfectly harmless, highlights the blood vessels which normally show up as dark lines (see photo).
If you see a dark spot or shadow, however, this might suggest an abnormality which should be checked out with your doctor.

Breastlight can be used by women of all ages and particularly by menopausal or post-menopausal women where the density of the breast has changed. By using Breastlight regularly at home, you will become familiar with the normal pattern of blood vessels in your breast and learn what your breasts look like when lit by your Breastlight. This should make you feel more confident about your breast health. You can use Breastlight as often as you like with no side effects.

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BreastLighght Handheld Unit

BreastLight Handheld Unit
£129.80* (Approx. $267.00 USD)

Standard International Shipping: £15.00* / $31.00

Product Details: Pack contains
1 Breastlight
1 Mains Charger
1 Instruction Leaflet
1 Instruction DVD

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BreastLighght Handheld Unit

BreastLight Lubricant
£4.99* (Approx. $10.50 USD)

Standard International Shipping: £15.00* / $31.00

Product Details: A water based, non sticky lubricant in a convenient roll on.

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